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The Grit Guard is structured to fit firmly into the bottom of a Fireball Wash Bucket preventing any movement from the guard.  It simply acts as a filter trap; removing dirt, minerals, grit, mud, and grime from the cleaning mitt. Once dirt settles, the Grit Guard keeps the contaminants at the bottom of the bucket into four quadrants, so the water above the Grit Guard cannot be disturbed. This simple, yet cost-effective method, protects painted surfaces from being scratched and saves your paint from swirl marks during handwashing.


Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces scratching and swirl marks
  • Separates dirt, dust, and debris in the bucket during the wash process
  • Helps clean out the wash mitt
  • Chemical & Crush Resistant
  • Structured to fit firmly in the bottom of the Fireball Bucket


Directions for use:

  • Simply place in the bottom of a Fireball Wash Bucket
  • Add soap, water, and clean wash mitt.
  • After washing a section of the vehicle, simply drag the wash mitt across the Grit Guard to remove any contaminants from the mitt.
  • Repeat throughout the wash process.


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