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The all-new Premium Wash Mitt provides an excellent wash experience with it’s ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and has a firm elastic cuff for ultimate control. It contains high-quality microfiber to ensure optimal cleaning allowing the mitt to effortlessly glide across the surface reducing swirl marks and scratching. The structure is also built to hold a large amount of soap for an extended amount of time to ensure soap is being spread evenly across the entire vehicle maximizing efficiency and minimizing the time spent on the wash process. The Premium Wash Mitt allows for easy release of  contaminants in the wash bucket.


Features & Benefits:

  • Safely cleans the surface
  • Reduces scratching and swirl marking
  • Enhances longevity of suds
  • Reduces product waste
  • Elastic cuff and stitched in finger slots



Directions of Use:

  • Simply slide the Premium Wash Mitt onto your hand
  • Dip into wash bucket
  • Glide hand across the paint surface as desired
  • Once finish rinse the Premium Wash Mitt out
  • Wash separately (avoid using fabric softener/bleach)
  • Air dry or machine dry on a low temperature setting


Tips: Avoid washing with towels and other materials to reduce the risk of lint. Always inspect for any previous contaminants/debris prior to use.


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