GLASS 500ml


How to use:

Directions for Use: Simply spray a small amount to the surface or Fireball Jet Towel. Evenly apply pressure while spreading to ensure a clean surface. Flip Fireball Jet Towel and wipe until dry. Repeat if necessary.

Tips: Glass Cleaner can also be used as a multi-purpose cleaner.

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Glass is the ultimate solution for fast, effortless, and effective cleaning for all automotive glass.  Designed to work on both interior surfaces, like leather or vinyl, as well exterior surfaces without causing damage. Glass utilizes powerful cleaning agents with an anti-static, streak-free formula for removing film, dirt, dust, grease, fingerprints, grime, and other contaminants. The added boost of fresh floral scent makes for a pleasant experience.


Features and Benefits:

  • Fresh floral scent
  • Powerful formula cuts through dirt, dust, grease, grime & other film contaminants
  • 100% streak free surface
  • Ammonia free
  • Cleans & lubricates the surface
  • Provides added clarity
  • Suitable for all surfaces including tinted windows & electronic screens


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