Simply pre-wash the vehicle thoroughly in a cooled and shaded environment. Dilute 1:300 Р1:500 Hydro Shampoo into a wash bucket (10-15ml of product to a 15L bucket). Mix thoroughly in a wash bucket. Apply with a wash mitt or wash pad gently onto the surface thoroughly. Let dwell for 30-60 seconds. Rinse off thoroughly with water.  Do not let Hydro Shampoo dry on the vehicle. Towel Dry with Twist Drying Towel or Teddy Bear Towel.

Tips: The perfect solution for users without a high-pressure hose Having increased amounts of SiO2 content, Hydro Shampoo does not create an exceptional amount of suds/foam but still completely rids of any contaminants. When working in direct sunlight is inevitable, increase the dilution ratio of water to prevent product from drying before rinsing.

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Hydro Shampoo is a revolutionary advanced washing coating formulated with a silica-based SiO2 polymer technology. Which combines an automotive shampoo with full nanotechnology protection, providing extreme hydrophobicity, slickness and gloss. Safely washes all exterior surfaces of your vehicle while leaving behind an ultra slick, dedicated layer of protection. This unique formula and hydrophobic components gently remove contaminants from the vehicle without damaging paintwork. Hydro Shampoo can be used as a stand-alone protection for a vehicle or also as an added top layer for vehicles with existing ceramic coatings, waxes, or sealants. Cut down on time, increase shine, and add protection in one easy step.


Features and Benefits:

  • pH Neutral – paintwork safe
  • Highly concentrated¬† SiO2 shampoo
  • Easily applied with bucket & wash mitt
  • Adds hydrophobicity & high gloss
  • Helps maintain & revitalize graphene & ceramic coatings
  • Saves time,¬† 2-in-1 formula
  • Causes dirty water & contamination to repel from treated surfaces
  • Allows for an easier wash process in the future
  • Adds 6+ weeks of added protection
  • Concentrated formula: Dilutes up to 1:300-1:500
  • 500ml bottle provides up to 25 washes


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