Directions for use:

Shake well before using the product. Apply to a clean, cool surface, out of the sun, at ambient temperature. Spray evenly on the surface and watch the contaminants melt away. Thoroughly rinse off with high-pressure water within 2 minutes of application.

Do not let Iron Burn (SE) dry

Do Not Use Un-Diluted

Full spray down uses ~250ml per vehicle, depending on contamination.

Dilution Ratios :

  • Panel Prep 1:1~2:1
  • General maintenance 3:1~4:1
  • Can be diluted based on the severity of surface


Tips :

Do not leave the product on too long or allow it to dry.

The cleaner may dry faster when the air is dry, or the temperature is high.

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Iron Burn SE is more powerful than ever; already an extremely effective cleaner designed to remove unseen iron deposits from the surface. Iron burn SE innovates with an enhanced economic advantage due to its highly concentrated formula. It completely exfoliates the surface using a high-tech, color-changing formula, allowing a better bonding topcoat that ensures coatings adhere to the surface properly. Without removing iron contaminants, the coatings will not be able to fully adhere to the surface and will likely cause premature failure.  When applied to a vehicle, the clear, acid-free, pH-balanced solution will turn purple upon contact as it chemically dissolves the contamination without any scrubbing or abrasive contact. Fireball Iron Burn SE has a unique, less potent banana scent unlike most iron-neutralizing products.


Features & Benefits:

  • Prevents surface oxidation and corrosion
  • Safe to use on paint, glass, wheels, rims, vinyl, film, and plastics
  • Simple spray-on and wash-off solution
  • Powerful dilutable iron-contamination removal
  • Fast-acting action
  • Ensures maximum performance of nanoceramics.




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