The new Fireball Nano Coat V2 is a new advanced, entry-level, solvent-based silica formula with extremely hydrophobic properties.

Manufactured using the latest technology, contains SiO2 to make the sealant even easier to apply and to bond to many types of surfaces.

It can be applied on its own, or as a maintenance solution on top of all Fireball sealants. Provides excellent water repellency, long service life and resistance to harmful contaminants.

It works on a variety of exterior and interior surfaces to protect from contaminants and improve the appearance of the vehicle’s surface. It leaves a superhydrophobic top layer on your vehicle’s paint, wheels and plastic parts, as well as on hard plastic and leather interior surfaces.

This superhydrophobic layer gives a strong deep shine and a strong color darkening that even darkens black vehicles and restores faded plastics.

Nano Coat should be treated and applied like a ceramic sealant. The new bottle is particularly suitable for long-term storage of the product, as well as transport, light protection function and tightness.

We recommend thoroughly preparing the surface with Fireball Wax Off and then using Fireball Reborn to degrease.

Features and Benefits:

Creates an ultra-hydrophobic protective layer on your car’s surfaces.

Protects the paint from UV rays and strong contamination.

Refreshes and maintains the performance and appearance of graphene or ceramic sealants.

High chemical resistance. Corrosion and oxidation resistant. Excellent self-cleaning properties.

Tips: Before application, the surface should be completely clean and free of oil, solvents or wax.

In case of unevenness (due to improper application or too thick application), wipe immediately with Reborn and reapply.



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