*Surface: All Leather/Interior

*Plastic500ml bottle supplied with a spray trigger.

*Best to use with Black Fox microfiber applicator

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Nappa Coat is a revolutionary all-in-one, conditioner, and coating for interior and exterior surfaces that is easily applied and leaves behind a sleek, soft to touch, non-greasy ,matte finish. The incredible Nappa Coat formula utilizes its silica-based SiO2 polymer technology, UV blockers, and odor neutralizers to prevent anti-static and dust build up. Can be used on all interior surfaces including plastic, vinyl, leather, and fabrics.



Features & Benefits

  • Quick & easy interior protection
  • Bead water off dashboards, door panels, & more
  • Restore seats, carpets, fabrics, & upholstery
  • Amazing fruity scent Soft to the touch
  • Stain and chemical resistant Prevent UV-fading, cracking, & discoloration
  • Cleans & protects hard surfaces with just one product matte/satin finish
  • Lasts 3-6 months on interior surfaces



Directions for use:

Simply spray small amounts of product into applicator (Black Fox)

Mist on surface spreading product evenly and appropriately in all cracks and crevices leaving behind a complete covered surface. (Door Panels, console, leather Surfaces, pockets, cup holders, can all be protected and covered)


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