NEW EASY COAT Extra 4000ml


Directions For Use:

  •  Dilute 1:30~1:50.
  •  Shake dilution before use.
  •  Thoroughly wash the car in a shaded area and do not dry.
  •  Do not apply in direct sunlight
  •  Spray a moderate amount of Ultimate Easy Coat (pre-diluted) onto the surface.
  •  Do not allow the Ultimate Easy Coat to dry on the surface.
  •  Immediately rinse off with high-pressure water.
  •  Once finished, rinse the trigger thoroughly to prevent contamination.



Recommend using diluted solution within the same day.

Decreasing the dilution ratio does not increase benefits.

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Easy Coat is a spray-on, rinse-off protection that provides excellent durability and shielding against UV rays. The product can be applied to all exterior surfaces with ease; it has incredibly strong dirt resistance properties as well.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simply spray on and rinse off solution
  • High SiO2 content
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Intensified shine appearance
  • Highly concentrated allows for multiple applications
  • Adds 4-8 weeks of protection




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