New SHAMPOO 18,750ml (Pearl)


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Fireball Shampoo was designed specifically for safely washing nanotechnology-based sealants and coatings. It has been carefully formulated to clean thoroughly, leaving your surfaces polished and smooth with wonderful lubrication. Shampoo utilizes advanced technology to make your washing experience easy. Intelligent pH balanced surfactants break down dirt and grime gently with ease without disrupting the sealant or coating’s natural properties. Fireball Shampoo’s all new formula delivers a highly concentrated 1:1000 ratio.


Features & Benefits:

  • Developed for use with all Fireball nanotechnology sealants and coatings; including Pirouette, Hydro Foam, Nano Coat, etc.
  • Intelligent pH surfactants provide a strong cleaning and foaming action
  • General use washing
  • Highly concentrated 1:1000
  • pH neutral 7.5
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Rich foaming
  • Excellent lubrication


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