Directions for use:

Shake the bottle well to mix.

Do not apply in direct sunlight.

Apply in good lighting.

Spray a moderate amount onto a Microfiber Black Fox Applicator or Fireball Microfiber towel. Alternative method: Spray directly on the paint and spread out left and right, then up and down, covering the entire panel. Work it into the paint evenly until almost non-visible.   Flip the towel and continue buffing. Switch to a fresh clean towel (we recommend the Teddy Bear Towel) and buff the area once more to ensure no residue remains.

Tips: Paint should be completely clean and free of oil, solvents, or wax before applying.  In case of uneven areas (due to improper application or applying too thick) wipe off with Reborn immediately and re-apply.

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is an advanced spray coating formulated with a SiO2 polymer technology. Pirouette adds an outstanding glass-like, smooth, and sleek finish to surfaces. This multi-purpose surface management coating contains a blend of silica dioxide, micro-silica, and synthetic polymers providing a layer of increased gloss and depth, and an anti-staining effect with excellent water repellency. Pirouette can be used as a stand-alone coating or as a maintenance for ceramic coatings. Can be used wet or dry.


Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-Purpose Coatings (Safe)
  • Hydrophobic boost for paintwork, glass, & wheels
  • High gloss, super slick hydrophobic finish
  • Can be used as drying aid
  • Breathable surface layer allowing Fireball Coatings to cure out without damage
  • Excellent weather & UV resistance
  • Heavy chemical resistance
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Corrosion & oxidation resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Self cleaning nanoceramic formula
  • Micro-marring & etching protection


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