How to use:

Fold Jet towel or Teddy Bear Towel, forming a folded 8″x8″ surface. Spray Reborn onto surface evenly across 3’x3’ area. Add 1-2 spritz on your towel and immediately wipe thoroughly. When wiping, place your folded towel flat against the surface evenly, using gentle pressure. Wipe in a continual sweeping motion as you turn corners (not a start-and-stop motion). Utilize a secondary towel with a small amount of Reborn for a final wipe, perfecting the panel before moving forward.


  • Light misting of product works great for removing fingerprints and minimal residue.
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Reborn is a super powerful preparation cleaner to remove oils, waxes, and silicones. Reborn maximizes the bonding performance of Fireball waxes, coatings, and sealants. This cleaner is used as a primer to nanotechnology coatings. Reborn can also be used as a post-polish inspection fluid to remove fillers and polishing dust from all surfaces, as well as a cleaner for automotive glass. Reborn’s blend of special degreasing agents, ethanol, and other alcohols are safe to use on delicate surfaces and contain no harmful petroleum distillates.


Features & Benefits:

  • Intense cleaner designed to dissolve oil particles and remove polish residue
  • Prepares paintwork and other surfaces
  • Anti-static resists dust after wiping
  • Body shop safe
  • Luxurious scent
  • Evolution beyond IPA and other prep sprays
  • Ensures proper bonding and adhesion for all coatings
  • Safe on delicate surfaces


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