SUEDE CLOTHS – PACK OF 5 – 10x10cm


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The Fireball Suede Applicator Sheets are designed to apply Ceramic Coatings and to be paired with the Foam Applicator Block. The fibers within the applicator minimize the risk of scratching during the application. These can also be used for cleaning delicate surfaces like eyewear, screens, and electronic devices. This product includes 5 pieces in 1 pack. (10x10cm)


Features & Benefits:

  • Evenly applies coatings
  • Minimizes scratching
  • Can be used on other delicate surfaces
  • 80/20 Blend
  • 260 GSM


Directions for Use:

  • When pairing with a Foam Applicator Block, simply place the suede applicator underneath the block and tuck the excess suede inside the slits
  • Place block on a flat surface and use a sweeping motion to apply the product evenly
  • Dispose of suede applicator and repeat as needed





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