How to use:

Shake the bottle well to mix pearlescent properties.

Apply a small amount of product on a tire pad or applicator. Apply the product evenly with a tire pad or applicator. In case of applying too much, partially wipe off with the tire applicator or apply on other tires. For best application results on large off-road tires, apply the dressing with a detail brush or paint brush. Let the tire dressing dry completely before driving to prevent product slinging from the tires.

Tips: Once fully cured, Tire Janus can be layered for a more optimal performance, longevity, and durability.

*The tire must be cleaned prior to application or product will not fully adhere to the surface.

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Tire Janus is an advanced tire coating formulated with a silica-based SiO2 polymer technology. Taking a gloss finish to a whole new level with added pearlescent metallic oxide nano-molecules. Tire Janus has self-leveling properties that leave behind a smooth, pearlescent finish. The pearlescent metallic finish enhances the look of the tire and even changes in different lighting environments. Its high content of SiO2 allows the surface of the tire to repel any dirt, debris, and water for a long-lasting shine. The intensive hydrophobic properties can withstand multiple washes while preventing UV-fading and browning. Tire Janus does not just enhance the look of the tire, but it also bonds to the rubber, allowing longer-lasting protection. It can also be used on unpainted plastics & exterior rubber trims.


Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a high gloss finish for tires & plastic trims
  • 70%-90% SiO2
  • Long-lasting tire dressing
  • Extreme hydrophobic properties
  • Prevents contamination
  • Does not brown over time
  • 500ml bottle is supplied with a FREE tire pad


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