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Tire Booster combines modern advanced silicone polymer technology to add increased performance of all solvent-based tire coatings, intensifying the key characteristics of protection and longevity of the coated surface. The increased properties can be modified based on the user and depending on the amount mixed can give up to 6 weeks of added protection. Tire Booster makes your tire coatings even more durable for wet environments, high speeds, and debris. The Tire Booster is meant to be used as an additive to any of the Fireball tire dressings. It enhances the pre-existing tire dressing and gives an added boost to the hydrophobic properties.

Manufactured to be used with Fireball Tire Coatings-Satin, Gloss, Janus.


Features and Benefits:

Increases hydrophobic properties

Improves longevity of Fireball tire dressings

Enhances gloss appearance

Does not brown over time

Decreases the risk of sling during high rates of speed

Up to 6 weeks of added protection


Directions for use:

Combine at least 25% Tire Booster with 75% Fireball Tire Dressing (Satin, Gloss, or Janus).

An Empty Fireball Division Bottle makes for an easy way to combine.

Shake the bottle well to mix.

Apply a small amount of product on a Tire Pad Applicator or Fireball Black Fox Applicator.

Apply the product evenly around the tire.

In case of applying too much, partially wipe off with the Tire Applicator or apply on other tires.



Once fully cured, can be layered for more optimal performance, longevity, and durability.

Let the tire dressing dry or set completely before driving to eliminate product slinging off tires.

For best application results on large off-road tires, apply the dressing with a detail brush or paintbrush.


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